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(October 18, 1998, The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA)


Carl was a wonderful friend and supporter of mine. He had the disposition and voice of an angel, and God only knows what we all would have been without him.


When it comes to Carl Wilson, he was the only other Beach Boy with us when we were recording. You couldn't find a sweeter guy. I know that he was a little bit intimidated when he first came in (working with the heavyweights who were making all these hit records), but he was just as nice as he could be and worked just as hard as anybody -- he probably worked harder than anybody. He always did a terrific job, and he was just a wonderful guy.

I was really very, very saddened over his passing. Thank goodness he had a wonderful life, and you have to think about the good times. When I think about Carl on the road and all the good times that he had with The Beach Boys and the fact that life was real good for him, it doesn't get any better than that.

We all grow up and, if we want to be musicians, we're thrilled if we get to do something. Something always leads to something else. For Carl and Brian and the whole gang you couldn't get any bigger. Here it is 35 years later and it's still superstardom, super records and just wonderful, wonderful memories. It was just so much fun. All those years were wonderful years.

And Carl, wherever you are up there, save a spot for some drums.

DANNY HUTTON (Three Dog Night)

The one thing my wife liked to do on tour was to go backstage with our children and visit Carl. He was always so considerate, gentle and kind. He went out of his way to be nice to us. He made my family feel very welcome. He had a very big heart, and I always got along great with him.


Carl Wilson was the embodiment of the talented, caring young man of the 60s -- a quiet man with the voice of an angel, a good guitarist and the central heart of the entertaining Beach Boys. His spirit is forever imprinted on our lives, his love of music forever ours. I am so proud to have been a part of The Beach Boys recordings, you cannot know.


When Lorne Michaels, John Belushi and I went out to do The Beach Boys television special for NBC we had some ideas for the show.

One was for us to arrest Brian and take him surfing. When the concept for this and other scenes were proposed to various business representatives of the enormous franchise which this band had become, the answers came back: "Run it by Carl. Carl should hear that. Talk to Carl." So we consulted Carl and found the truest barometer of humor and music for the project.

We also found a fun bag of immense depth and generosity with a boundless capacity for sharing in his interpretation of the best life had to offer.

We were among the fortunate to have been in his sphere of music, mirth and mega-good times.

I hope he is one of the first to greet me when it's my time to cross.

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