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During the Walk Day,
Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, CA

Sunday, Oct. 8, 2000

There was lots of other things to do at the Walk, including a huge barbecue lunch spread, classic cars, games, and getting to mingle with the extended Wilson family members, friends, and performers.

Jonah and Justyn interview

Carl Wilson's sons, Jonah and Justyn being interviewed.

photo copyright ©2000, Melinda Love

Classic cars

Classic cars provided by Midnighters Car Club on display.

photo copyright ©2000, Don Sheppard

Gina Wilson, Melinda Wilson

Gina Wilson (left, Carl's second wife), Melinda Wilson (center, Brian's second wife)

photo copyright ©2000, M. Dowdle Head

Wendy Wilson, ping pong ace

photo copyright ©2000, Don Sheppard

Wendy Wilson

The Wilson cousins and their mothers -- from left to right, Barbara Wilson (Dennis' second wife, mother to Carl and Mike), Carl B. Wilson, Carnie Wilson, Jonah Wilson, Justyn Wilson, Wendy Wilson, Michael Wilson, Annie Wilson-Karges (Carl's first wife, mother to Jonah and Justyn), Billy Hinsche (uncle to Jonah and Justyn), and Marilyn Wilson (Brian's first wife, mother to Carnie and Wendy).

Wilson cousins and mums

photo copyright ©2000, Melinda Love


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